Hi! My full name is a mouthful: Andrea Rodriguez Delgado. I am a 23 year old communicator, digital media expert and digital marketer.  Comedy, lifestyle, social media and fashion are my favorite things in the world (and puppies).

I am also a passionate journalist. I worked at NBC 10 | Telemundo 62 as an Associate Producer and Production assistant. I also interned there twice during my student era.

If you asked me to brag, I would probably say I am skilled at copywriting, online marketing, social media, web design and storytelling in both English and Spanish. 

Recently, I got a Coach Practicioner certificate, since I am an advocate for people's wellbeing and mental health! You can book a consultation here

Oh, I am also a Vlogger. On Youtube, you can see more of my daily life and my funny/motivational side. | United States 

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